• 33,000+ GVWR
  • HT66KX Telescopic Service Crane
  • 11500 lbs max. capacity
  • 66,000 ft/lbs crane rating
  • 25 ft hydraulic boom extension
  • VLC Crane Control System
  • Full-Hydraulic Controls
  • BOSS BA440 Air Compressor
  • Venturo HT66 Crane Service Body
  • 66,000 ft/lb body rating
  • Oxygen & Acetylene Bottle Holders
  • Eberhard Keyed Door Locks
  • Rear, strut steps
  • Hydraulic Reservoir
  • LED Control Panel
  • Steel Body Construction
  • Full-Hydraulic Outriggers

Features & Benefits

Workforce66 delivers the highest max capacity and crane rating in the Workforce line. Equipped with an HT66KX Telescopic Service Crane and the VLC Crane Control System, this work-ready truck is the most capable Venturo has to offer. You name it, Workforce66 can do it.


GVWR Chassis

Approx. 33,000+

Service Crane

HT66KX Telescopic

Max. Capacity

11,500 lbs.

Crane Rating

66,000 ft/lbs.

Hydraulic Boom Extension

25 FT

Control System

VLC Crane Control System

Air Compressor

BOSS BA440 Air Compressor