• 10,000 GVWR Chassis
  • HT25KX Telescopic Service Crane
  • 5000 lbs max. capacity
  • 25,000 ft/lbs crane rating
  • Up to 25 ft hydraulic boom extension
  • VLC Crane Control System
  • Full-Hydraulic Controls
  • BOSS BA440 Air Compressor
  • Venturo HT25 Crane Service Body
  • 30,000 ft/lb body rating
  • Oxygen & Acetylene Bottle Holders
  • Eberhard Keyed Door Locks
  • Rear, strut steps
  • Hydraulic Reservoir
  • LED Control Panel
  • Steel Body Construction
  • Full-Hydraulic Outriggers

Features & Benefits

Workforce25 is ready to roll, equipped with a 5,000 lb crane with 20 ft. boom extension and VLC Crane Control System. Crane operators can keep materials moving with greater control, efficiency and safety, and Venturo upfitters now have a work-ready option to deliver for customers who need to get the job done right, and right away.


GVWR Chassis

Approx. 10,000

Service Crane

HT25KX Telescopic

Max. Capacity

5,000 lbs.

Crane Rating

25,000 ft/lbs.

Hydraulic Boom Extension

Up to 25 ft.

Control System

VLC Crane Control System

Air Compressor

BOSS BA440 Air Compressor